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Fast, compliant and turnkey hazardous waste disposal

Our Platform

PEGEX is the only IT platform to eliminate complex risk and offer a nationwide turnkey solution to generators, haulers and disposal sites for hazardous waste disposal.
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The Problem

How do I know all of the regulations?

How much does it cost for removal of my waste?

What is the process for removal and disposal?

What are my liabilities?

If you generate hazardous waste in your business, you are responsible from the moment it is generated to its final disposal (cradle-to-grave). Our experts will help you find an efficient and compliant method for disposal of your regulated waste.


The service went smoothly. For years I couldn’t find anyone to do this work. You have been a big help and you made everything fall into place. We were happy to have the pros come in and take care of everything. I’m not sure if we will ever accumulate that much material again, but you guys will definitely be the one we call if we do.